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Armed Civilian Web-enabled Accountability & Reporting System (ACWARS)

Starting in 2010, the Armed Contractor Oversight Directorate (ACOD) in Kabul, Afghanistan received between 2,000 and 3,000 requests per month for arming authorization from DoD contractors and civilians. To handle this workload, ACOD used ACWARS, a human resources information management system created specifically to track weapons authorizations for the 20,000+ armed contractors and civilians operating across the Afghanistan AOR. ACWARS is an automated information system (AIS) built completely on the Microsoft .NET Framework. ACWARS is DIACAP compliant and now a part of the DoD Information Technology Portfolio.

The use of this AIS as a tool is particularly valuable for compliance with a new Federal Law which calls for “registering, processing, accounting for, and keeping appropriate records of PSCs and PSC personnel”. This law, part 159 to Chapter 32 of the Federal Code of Regulations, applies to all government agencies using public funds for contractor-provided security functions. This law has led to the publication of DoDI 3020.50, PSCs Operating in Contingency Operations, Humanitarian or Peace Operations, or Other Military Operations or Exercises, further outlining the procedures and policies for Geographic Combatant Commands (COCOMS). ACWARS greatly facilitates the data management processes required by these applicable laws and regulations.

Prior to the deployment and use of ACWARS in Afghanistan, Private Security Companies (PSC) and Federal Government Agencies had to compile the voluminous arming documents from several sources and physically deliver or mail this paperwork every month to ACOD for processing. Arming letters were manually created and stored in various locations with no regard to organization and structure. ACWARS streamlined a manual reporting and tracking system and provided ACOD significant new capabilities, such as concurrent input of armed contractor compliance data, increased and more accurate reporting, imbedded content and file management, documentation automation for all of ACOD’s pertinent legal documents, role-based permissions, basic auditing capabilities, and advanced data import/export capabilities.

With the use of ACWARS, the directorate achieved unprecedented improvements in three key metrics in the arming authorization process:
  • Average Monthly Production
  • Arming Compliance Rate
  • Packet Processing Time
Six months after its release, ACWARS helped ACOD achieve:
  • A 42% Increase in Arming Packet Production
  • An Increase in Average Monthly Production by 761 Arming Authorizations
One year after ACOD began using ACWARS exclusively:
  • Arming Compliance Rate increased over 42 Percentage Points
  • ACOD has consistently turned around 75% of Arming Packets in under 30 days
  • 37% of Arming Packets are turned around in under 15 days
Two years after ACOD began using ACWARS, the directorate achieved an Arming Authorization Compliance rate of 98%, the intended goal of the organization's mission.

For more information on ACWARS check out the ACWARS Product Sheet.

If you would like to purchase or request a quote on pricing for ACWARS, please contact our Sales Department - sales@tkaczengineering.com.